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Why should you choose Anteprima Designs?

Anteprima Designs is a studio specialized in the creation of collections of textile designs.
Our experience and our structure allow us to provide a quality product perfectly aligned to the best fashion trends to our customers.
Working in a market constantly in expansion, we have decided to enlarge our services by creating an e-commerce website, where you can see and buy the designs of our collections.

Why should you buy our designs on-line?

  • Over than 500 new designs per collection, over than 1000 new designs per year.
  • Large genre selection: geometric, floral, ethnic and much more.
  • Uniqueness of the design: every design is purchased in exclusive. When a design is sold, it will be automatically removed from the public visualisation.
  • Easy and fast purchase: you can purchase one or more designs in a few moves, and, at the end of the transition, you will receive an e-mail containing the direct link where you can download the file(s).
  • Customized product: all the files of our designs are in .TIFF format and separated in layers, so that you will be able to modify and elaborate the designs according to your wishes.
  • Customer service: our creative team will help you for: technical and stylish assistance, colouring and trend forecast.

In which format will you receive the designs you choose to purchase?

All the designs on our website are in .tiff format and separated in layers, ready for the colouring and the printing.

Will you purchase a design in exclusive?

Yes, of course. Every design will be sold in exclusive, and cannot be purchased by anyone else. At the end of the transition, the design will not beavailable and visible in our catalogue anymore.

Which are the payment methods?

The payments supported by Anteprima Designs are credit card and PAYPAL.

Should you register for the purchase?

Yes, when you decide to purchase a design on our e-commerce website www.anteprimadesigns.com, you should make the registration giving all the invoice details.

How will the invoice be sent?

The invoice will be sent at the e-mail address stated during the registration.

When will the download link expire?

The download link will be available for 30 days since the purchase date.

Is it possible to be visited by a salesperson of Anteprima Designs?

Anteprima Designs counts on the precious cooperation with a dense net of salespersons and agents in all the world. Our district manager will be at you disposition for any request or additional service. For any contact details, please visit the following link: www.anteprimadesigns.com/contacts/

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