Anteprima Designs and Etabeta Digital ink-jet prints

Anteprima Designs can also print the designs on fabrics thanks to the cooperation with Etabeta Digital srl, a company specialized in ink-jet print.

Etabeta Digital provides our customers with a up-to-date, high quality, fast, and verticalized service of digital printing:

  • creating the collection
  • colouring of the designs
  • preparating the fabric
  • ink-jet printing
  • steaming
  • washing
  • finishing

Etabeta Digital is able to print on any kind of fiber, both natural and artificial, using acid and reactive colours, and can also print on transfer paper.

Etabeta Digital's printers can print on up to 180cm width fabrics and the maximum printing speed is 200 mts/h.

Etabeta Digital offers their services also for the print of the customer's designs.

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